Tom Hiddleston teases mischievous things in LOKI featurette

Jun 3, 2021 | Film & TV

The God Of Mischief is back!

Loki is the next MCU series to hit Disney+, debuting on June 11. in the run up to the show they have released a featurette teasing the mayhem that Loki will inevitably bring to the Time Variance Authority. Owen Wilson plays Mobius, as a member of the TVA tasked with keeping Loki in check. Inevitably he will fail and Loki will run rings around them, bugger stuff up and be the lovable rascal that Hiddleston has created.

Hiddleston is credited as an executive producer on the show, and as he’s been playing the character for ten years it will be interesting to see how far they can go with Loki in parallel dimensions and time travel. Let’s face it, he could undo everything…

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