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The first full trailer has dropped for Amazon's The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power megabucks TV series, what do we think of it?

We’ve waited a long time for a full trailer for Amazon’s The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series that starts in September. With just a few teasers so far it’s been difficult to gauge whether they’ve truly tapped into Tolkiens vision, for sure they’ve spared no expense as it’s pitched as the most expensive TV series ever made. So let’s see what we’ve got…

The lack of previews and trailers had sent up a few red flags for fans, the huge landscapes, stunning costumes and eloquent dialogue delivered by regal elves were all there in the brief teases that we had seen so far. But a few elements looked a bit ike a TV show compared to Peter Jacksons LOTR films (let’s put The Hobbit to one side for the moment). And let’s face it, those are the films that have set the bar that this new series will be judged against.

And on repeated viewing of the trailer we can see that this is a very detailed world, the cinematography and cgi are stellar, in a few screengrabs below we can see some things that will make this series stand apart from Jacksons version of Middle Earth

cities in the rings of power

Cities that look lived in

The screengrab above shows a city that could be on Numenor (don’t hold us to that though), the level of detail is phenomenal, and look at all the trees in there, it actually looks like a city that has history and is lived in , rather thna a miniature or visual effect.


Moria? With rivers and forests

Jacksons Dwarven kingdoms consisted of just sad memories ,rock and treasure, the Rings of Powers Dwarven environments look like complete worlds, replete with greenery that evokes the hanging gardens of Babylon and cataracts that would provide ample drinking water as well as a food source. This all makes sense, this is their heyday.

The Shadow Rises

The over arching narrative of the Second Age in Tolkiens world is of the rise of Sauron, in the guise of ‘Annatar’. Indeed, the title of this series is ‘The Rings of Power’, his creations that were supposed to be ruled by his one, all-powerful, ring. Big blunder, as we see he loses the ring and it ends up in the hands of a hobbit, who after loads of shenannigins chucks it into the fires of Mount Doom (still should have got an eagle to give him a lift there, would have saved a lot of faff). The image above could be of any of the many cataclysmic events in The Second Age, all of which trace back to Annatar/Saurons plotting.

Plot Lines

The writers seem keen to keep a hobbits eye perspective on things, as that is the narrative structure everyone associates with Tolkiens writing. We have the Harfoots, proto-hobbits that talk in a Irish-cum-West-Country accent and have wide, innocent eyes. No doubt we will discover that these winsome little characters will have hearts of steel and a stoic nature, they’ll either be the route for exposition as characters explain what’s going on in the world to them, or they will be crucial to the plot a lá Frodo and Bilbo.

In some ways this would be a shame, as Tolkiens writings on the eralier ages of Middle Earth were more epic and mythical in tone than LOTR and The Hobbit. His aim was to create a cohesive mythic structure that the English world lacked, albeit filtered through his Christian beliefs; So we have the constant presence of evil in the world, ready to entrap and corrupt us Morgoth/Annatar/Sauron can all be read as analagous to Satan. A mythic cycle that keeps on giving.

We’ll have to wait until early September to find out!


Written by Iain Hazlewood

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