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What does the future hold for Matt Reeve's The Batman and will we see the titular character return for a sequel at some point in the near future?

For those of you who weren’t aware, yesterday was Batman day. Yup that’s right, an official day of the year dedicated to The Dark Knight himself. While not the most well known or celebrated of holidays it is an important one none the less, for it gives us DC Comics nerds an excuse to stay home and binge some much loved Batman content. 

With this in mind I thought it may be an opportune time to reflect on where the future of the character may lie within the film industry. Matt Reeves The Batman (starring Robert Pattinson) has become one of the highest grossing movies of the year and has brought much needed depth and respect for the character after a somewhat controversial portrayal by Ben Affleck in the DCEU. Where does the caped crusader go next and will it see Reeves and Pattinsons involvement with the character continue? 


It has been confirmed that a sequel to The Batman is currently in production and will feature Pattinson take up the cape and cowl once more. Matt Reeves will also return to direct and has envisioned a plan for a trilogy of Batman movies that may spawn their own shared universe separate from the DCEU. 

While some fans may likely be disappointed by the news Battinson will not cross over to meet Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman or Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman, it is important that the tone and visual styling of The Batman is not compromised for this idea of a forced shared universe. This is often seen in Marvel’s MCU and many express concerns regarding the shared visual style approach when it comes to some of their more grounded characters such as Daredevil, whose darker tone may struggle to find its place in such a colourful franchise. 

The Batman has proven that quality superhero films are still possible without the need to cram half a dozen characters into a single scene or require you to watch other products to know what’s going on in the story. It’s dark, noir themed cinematography matched with the film’s tone sets the scene for a Batman story unlike any other we have seen on the big screen. A sequel that explores this creative and interesting environment more will only build upon the already expansive mythos surrounding Gotham City and The Batman. 

The Batman


By the end of the movie Gotham is in a crisis, one that will take more than just Batman to resolve. He will have to work with the new Mayor Bella Real as well as his trusty ally Jim Gordon to keep the city from spiralling into further chaos, though whether this will come easy to him is likely a point for debate. While the end of The Batman shows the character’s emergence from the darkness and embracing the spotlight as a hero, his solitary nature will still in all likelihood put him at odds with his law abiding allies from time to time. It will be interesting to see how his relationship with these characters (including his former guardian and mentor Alfred Pennyworth) change over the course of the two films. 

Catwoman of course is also likely to make a return at some point considering the complicated cliffhanger their relationship was left on at the end of the film. Her character represents the part of Batman that he desperately wants go outgrow. Her motivations are purely to survive (and have fun while doing it), whereas Batman has finally realised his mission is no longer one of selfish vengeance, but of righteous justice. This opposition of moral alignment pulled the two characters apart yet something in the upcoming sequel could bring them back together, if not romantically then in the interest of a common goal.

The Batman


With Paul Dano’s terrifying Zodiac Killer inspired Riddler now being locked up in Arkham Asylum, who will take the stage as Batman’s next adversary? We get a small glimpse of this universe’s version of The Joker locked in a cell right at the end of the movie, with a deleted scene also showing an interaction between himself and Batman. Their conversation indicates they have already had a previous stand off with each other and The Joker clearly has a way of getting inside Batman’s head. 

While fans are surely excited to see more of this new Joker face off against The Batman it’s a confrontation many have become all too familiar with and often compare to Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight. Heath Ledgers performance as the Clown Prince of Crime is highly regarded as one of the greatest performances of the 21st century and as such sets a high bar for any other taking on the role. Check out the deleted scene below!


Fans have speculated that Batman will face a more recent villain from his rogue’s gallery such as Hush or The Court of Owls. Both we see hints of throughout the film in various forms. The identity of Hush in the comics is Doctor Thomas Elliot, Bruce Wayne’s childhood friend who envied the boy orphans wealth and status. In the film an Edward Elliot was the journalist murdered by Carmine Falcone in order to blackmail Thomas Wayne. It’s possible the sequel may introduce Thomas as the journalist’s son, motivated by revenge against the Wayne family for the murder of his father. 

The Court of Owls are an enemy introduced in DC Comics 2011 reboot brand the New 52. Presented as a clandestine faction of Gotham’s wealthy elite, they have controlled the city from the shadows for over a hundred years, influencing major political events using blackmail and assassination. Even the worlds greatest detective was unaware of their presence til he faced off against one of their undead assassins, the Talon. A fight that almost cost him his life. The group has not yet been featured in a live action Batman film and could be an interesting alternative to his usual colourful cast of villains. They could fit well with the detective noir tone Matt Reeves has established for his Batman universe. 

The Batman


A sequel for The Batman is a long ways away yet over time it is likely more details will be released for fans to further speculate on. If Matt Reeves continues the format and tone of The Batman into the sequel then fans are sure to be satisfied with whatever final product is released. In an age where there is an abundance of superhero movies and TV series, all with interconnecting stories and characters, The Batman can stand alone as something bespoke and distinctive. In saying this however the announcement of a HBO spin off show featuring the Penguin and other potential other spin-offs in the works could look to spoil this unique identity. 

For a character that has seen so many adaptations and portrayals both live action and animated in the over 80 years since his creation, there is still so much more to explore within the world of Batman. As a hero without superpowers Batman has become an icon for the underdogs that strive to achieve what is considered the impossible. His story is one that resonates with people not only because of his search for justice and vengeance, but also in the power of dealing with one’s pain. Turning that hurt into a desire to do good and inspire others to overcome their own obstacles that life throws at them. 

The Batman saw the character evolve from an enforcer of vengeance to a figure of hope for the people of Gotham. We look forward to seeing how this character evolves even further when the sequel to The Batman hits theatres in the coming years. 

For more on the caped crusader see our article covering the 30th anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series here. 

Written by George Cooper

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