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A short introduction to the characters featured in Netflix's The Sandman.

Netflix’s The Sandman has received positive reviews from critics. Praise has been attributed to the show’s story, visual style and of course it’s interesting and diverse cast of characters. However any who are not already familiar with Neil Gaiman’s incredible world of The Sandman may find themselves a little confused on who’s who in the series. There is a large collective of characters both shown on screen as well as those mentioned only by name (though perhaps may be introduced should the show be renewed for another season). Not to worry as this article should give a rough starting point for a few of the key characters of the series. Minor spoilers ahead!


The series primary protagonist, Dream is the godlike personification of well, dreams. He is known by many other names however, notably Morpheus and The Sandman, though more exist depending on the culture. His powers involve the creation and manipulation of dreams and nightmares which he then sends out into the sleeping minds of humans. He is one of the immortal beings known as The Endless, created to guide and encourage certain aspects of the human world. His sense of duty to his realm and position are what drive Dream throughout the story yet it does not leave him without a sensitive side. In saying this he is also not a creature easily tempered and often can be driven to commit morally questionable acts out of rage or revenge. 


Dream’s most trusted advisor and librarian, Lucienne (known as Lucien in the books) manages the day to day of Dream’s realm known as The Dreaming. A very responsible and respected creature amongst those who reside in The Dreaming, Lucienne often takes it upon herself to safeguard and protect the assets of the realm when Dream is otherwise indisposed.


Adapted from DC Comics character John Constantine, Johanna Constantine is a powerful sorcerer and occult investigator that The Sandman enlists the help of in the series. What this spellcaster lacks in traditional politeness and social etiquette she makes up for in sheer knowledge and experience in the arcane arts and in dealing with threats of the supernatural. Untrusting of beings not of a human nature, this hard headed detective has a dark and shameful past that still haunts her nightmares and influences her decision making. Though more often then not she attempts to make up for past mistakes by trying to do the right thing (emphasis on ‘trying’).


Once the favoured son of God himself, Lucifer was cast from Heaven in a failed attempt to overthrow his father and became the Devil, ruler of Hell. They are one of the most powerful beings in all of The Sandman’s expansive universe. While Gaiman’s adaptation of the Christian religion’s greatest evil holds true in this Netflix series, they also have many more layers than just a straight forward bad guy. While terrifying, merciless and cruel, they are also intelligent, cunning and to a certain degree very charming. Lucifer has ambition beyond the confines of their fiery realm as shown in the show and will stop at nothing to scheme and plot their rise to eternal power. Even attempting to enlist the help of a lesser Endless being perhaps?


One of The Endless and Dream’s sibling, Death is a rather friendly take on what happens to us when we die. A kind and warm hearted being, her job is to escort the dead to their designated afterlife when that person’s time on Earth is up. Spending every day since her creation interacting with humans (or the ghosts of humans), Death has a very empathetic and open minded view of humanity, experiencing both the best and worst of their kind. A stark contrast to Dream who has such a closed off and distant perspective that makes their comical brother/sister banter interesting to watch. 


While we have covered some of the key characters for the show there are many more that we could talk about though doing so may shed too much info on the story. Hopefully this has given you a starting point to the wonderful world of Netflix’s The Sandman, however if you still need convincing check out our review for the show here. 

Written by George Cooper

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