Michael Bay’s Ambulance proves there should be a stunt performers category at the Oscars

Apr 5, 2022 | Film & TV

Stunt performers are the reason we believe movies, that they are ignored in the major awards is a travesty. ‘stunts’ is such a naff term for performers that have to be at the peak of physical and professional competence, people who literally make the impossible believable.

Ambulance, the latest movie from Michael Bay is actually a remake of a Danish film about two crime family brothers (here played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II and Jake Gyllenhaal), who do that one job too far, that goes tits up, yet provides the final act of redemption for one of the bros. So far so macho, but it hinges on the badass paramedic character, played by Eiza González, to unlock the final act of redemption.

Critics are piling on contempt for poor characters and stylised violence. But that’s the whole point of action meister Bay’s marvellously bonkers movie, it’s basically a transformers movie without the transformers. Stuffed to the gills with cars, explosions, guns and helicopter insanity, all shot in Bay’s trademark super saturated cinematography.

We love it, and it’s appeal rests on the shoulders of the stunt performers, the drivers, pilots, and the technicians with the sheer drive to make it more real than something created in a computer. Why then are these artists ignored at the major awards ceremonies? These are the people that literally risk life and limb on a daily basis yet get little to no recognition for it.

It’s increasingly evident that the Oscar’s (or ‘academy awards’) are fucked up. Setting aside the white prejudice voting and awards that bear no resemblance to what actual real people like or go to watch, the headlines are grabbed by who wore what and who slapped who. This all creates a juvenile backdrop that underminess the art, craft and professionalism that goes into making a movie.

So keep at it Michael, we love the Bayhem!

Check out this post on the Hollywood Reporter about stunt performers


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