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This will be a really weird collection of reviews covering film and TV shows, everything from the Wicker Man to Gardener’s World. Actually, sometimes they’re not that different…

Folk Horror

This is something of a British sub genre, indeed the first reference to it was made by the director Piers Haggard in an interview about his film Blood on Satan’s Claw, where he said he ‘was trying to make a folk horror film’. The term was given greater credence and focus when Mark Gatiss identified the genre in his A History of Horror documentary for BBC4 back in 2010.

So what exactly is folk horror? Well the trio of definitive movies that are always referenced are Witchfinder General (1968), Blood on Satan’s Claw (1971) and The Wicker Man (1973). These three films reference witchcraft and paganism, or rather they play on the establishments fear and distrust of them. Indeed, in The Wickerman, the main character is a ‘normal’ man who is tricked into becoming a sacrifice for the nasty cult of pagans on Summerisle.

However, the gene pool of folk horror is far deeper than these three movies, more recently Dave Eggers The Witch and Ben Wheatley’s Kill List and A Field in England have taken it to new heights.

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